The Worst Movie of 2012

A lot of low budget movies have been the surprise of the horror genre, but the main film that always comes to mind is Paranormal Activity. As I am not really a horror fan to begin with, I usually stray away from those type of movies. But today, I was shown that sometimes the biggest horrors in film is the gross made at the box office. Well for producers anyway.

Cue the movie ‘Playback’.

Whenever I think of “tanks” in film, I’d probably mention an action movie such as xXx 2 or White House Down, where explosions literally rained down from the sky. And they had tanks.

But I’m a year ahead of Playback… a movie which cost $7.5 million and only made $252 on it’s opening weekend.

Wait, what?

Yes, it only made $252 at box office, if you don’t count the first week, where they earned an extra $12 dollars on that total. So a total of $264 in a week (if you count overtime).

The producers shouldn’t be too upset. It could be a lot worse, they could’ve ran out of tissues for a start.

For all your crying and snotty needs

Playback (2012) – IMDb.

The pitfalls of social networking…

Disclaimer: Before I begin, I would like to stress that I actually detest the X Factor and am not sure how I know about this.

So apparently James Arthur, who won X Factor (last year?) Has got himself into a spot of bother by (amongst other things) starting a Twitter argument with various celebrities.


It is surprising how often that this seems to happen with people in the public eye, with many thousands of young, impressionable fans watching their every move.

See: Amanda Bynes vs. Rihanna, Directioners vs. British GQLord Sugar vs. Donald Trump.

Apparently, all this fuss has caused poor James to suffer ‘acute exhaustion’, whilst his record label have had to step in and take over his Twitter account to prevent further ‘brand risk’.

What are our thoughts on this? Should celebrities use Twitter? Why?

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Lidl’s new Christmas advert

Bit of a personal one this one, apologies in advance.

The new Lidl advert (I saw on Channel 4 over the weekend) featured a product which is basically chicken, duck and turkey in one (I forgot the proper name for this), in my opinion this is foul (no pun intended) enough, but the advert ended with the line ‘so everyone’s happy, well except for the duck, chicken and turkey’.

Now, this hit a nerve, as I found this to be in quite bad taste, so as you do I went onto Lidl’s Facebook to lodge a complaint.  There I was surprised to see that I was far from the only one as several people seemed quite upset about it.  Following others steps I then went to the Advertising Standards Agency website to lodge a formal complaint, I also Twitted the ASA to back this up, and they actually tweeted back to let me know that they were looking into it.

So there you go, advertising can engage the audience in negative ways and using eMedia to contact institutions, I was able to have a forum to air my distaste.

Critical investigation

Consider ‘Top Boy’ Channel 4.

Media Studies @ Oasis Academy Enfield

How are young black youths represented in the crime genre of the broadcasting platform?

In my coursework for Media A2 I will be looking at and investigating the way in which young black youths are represented within crime. I will be expanding on how they are portrayed in the broadcasting platform and how this has an effect on the black audience. The researching section for my critical investigation will consist of primary texts in order to link my production work to my research. In order to help me with my production piece I will be looking at trailers, films and adverts.

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