New Look!

You may have noticed the blog looks a little different.  Now you can see who has posted something and tags for that post.  Tags are good, please use tags.

You can log in using the link in the ‘meta’ section on the bottom-left.

Feedback welcome, as always.

3 thoughts on “New Look!

  1. Ah Mr Hembling. What life is like for the childless and fancy free.

    An interesting blog on the Independent’s new look.
    I gave up on the Independent as a source for good news when it seemed that its lead story was always environmental – wind farms, global warming, global cooling etc. If I wanted this stuff, I’d have signed up to Greenpeace (I did and now suffer endless emails from the Artic 30. Or is it 25 now?).

    1. Used to love nothing better than reading the Sunday papers with a coffee.
      Went off them completely a few years back as I get all I need and more from social networks (Twitter).

      I subscribe to the Economist which allows me to read a hard copy (sent through the post) and access their online content. I love reading the comments others have made on an article I’ve just read. I love the immediacy of it. Just plain ol’ Print doesn’t offer that anymore (and hasn’t for a long while).

      The old adage is true: the newspaper’s out of the date the moment it’s printed.

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