Outline Brief for my new project

For my coursework I am going to do brief one. In this brief I am working for Silver Linings Productions to create a television programme. Silver Linings are a multimedia production and have had major success with fly on the wall documentaries and structures reality programming. They’re known for pushing the boundaries, which is what my show will intend to do. My target audience is 15-35; similar to that of E4’s demographics, my show will have to appeal to this audience.

The show will follow four girls that audition after being told they can become stars but by any means. They’re aspiring soloists but in reality, they are going to be put into a girl bang called ___________. The show will follow how they bond together having not knowing each other prior. It will include the ups and downs, red carpet promotion events and their road to discovery.

The way in which I will pitch the show is: I am planning to produce the opening few scenes (approximately 2 minutes long) of the TV programme establishing narrative themes, characters and location. For this type of broadcasting I will be using the software iMovie. The other way I will promote my show is throughout the print platform. I will create a teaser ad campaign that will be published before broadcast, which aims to generate discussion amongst my target audience. The programs I will be using to publish these will be Illustrator and Photoshop. 

One thought on “Outline Brief for my new project

  1. I think this sounds good Paris, well done. Your next steps are to think about how you will appeal to the audience for Silver Lining Productions and how will you evidence this is your research. You need to make it really obvious that you know who your audience are and what you are going to do to appeal to them.

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