Outline Brief

Outline brief

For my coursework, the brief I have chosen is brief one, to work for the Silver Lining Productions. The two tasks I have chosen from this brief are broadcasting, to produce a few scenes of my own TV programme and also print, to create a front cover and two further pages for a magazine.

For the broadcasting section I have decided to create a short (two minutes) collection of videos put together about my TV programme, which is going to be about magic and unrevealing secrets of magic. The people featured in the magic show are going to be a few of the students studying drama at the academy and also volunteers that would like to be a part of the production. When I produce the opening scene for my TV programme I will be giving out questionnaires to a selection of people that take part in it. For this task I will be using a video camera to record the opening and also a piece of editing software to join all the videos together and maybe cut out a few parts too.

For the print section I’ll be producing three posters to advertise my TV programme. The three different posters will be completely different, advertising the TV programme in several ways to attract the targeted audience (ages 15-35). To produce these three posters I’ll be using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and also taking pictures from the TV programme that I have created to attract people to the poster. At the end of the process of producing the posters I’ll mainly focus on the codes and conventions as well as completing the task at a high standard.

2 thoughts on “Outline Brief

  1. This looks well thought out Inci, good stuff. The next steps are now thinking about who your target audience are, and how you are going to engage them Also, consider the best way to establish the codes of conventions of the existing texts you will be researching.

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