500 words on my critical investigation

 For my project in media I will be looking at the way in which teenagers and young adults struggle to climb to the top in the topic of class through media. I will be taking more of an insight to the ways young Londoners are portrayed and represented in media through the Broadcast platform. 

For my research, I should include the primary text ‘Youngers’ t it may relate to the final production chosen by me, as well as exploration of more theoretical issues encountered in my other unit this year. I may, for instance, study the in depth the opening sequence of the ‘youngers’ TV programme with the whole idea ‘Previously on Youngers…’ and showing a few short clips and scenes of what was on a previous episode. I may also choose to create similar media forms to produce a trailer for an upcoming TV programme. I am going to research thoroughly the way the main characters in ‘Youngers’ make decisions to become successful in the music industry which is not easily as they come across many obstacles in their lives which fit the Marxism theory but mainly fits Capitalism. ‘Capitalism is the social system which now exists in all countries of the world. Under this system, the means for producing and distributing goods (the land, factories, technology, transport system etc) are owned by a small minority of people. We refer to this group of people as the capitalist class. The majority of people must sell their ability to work in return for a wage or salary (the working class.)’ (world socialist movement, 2013). This research will then inform my intentions of planning and production process.

‘Youngers’ TV programme focuses on a group of London teenagers hoping to become successful in the urban music industry. It opens with Yemi (Ade Oyefeso) and Jay (Calvin Demba) collecting their GCSE results. Yemi finds out he has had straight A’s, whilst Jay receives poor grades. Jay then receives a leaflet about a local music competition, and pays to perform at the competition. At the reception, a grumpy receptionist soon enlists them as ‘Youngers’, on the performers’ sheet. They deliver an excellent performance, and they get managed by their good friend Ash, the Youngers slowly make their way to the top of the music charts in London, however, higher they get, more problems emerge (Wikipedia, 2013).’ The Capitalism theory links in with in the ‘Youngers’ TV programme as people of the younger generation are trying to get out of the working class struggle and step up the ladder to making it famous in a particular trade in this case the music industry. Battling capitalism means that many obstacles will be encounted no matter what type they are. In ‘Youngers’ the dilemmas they find themselves in as there careers progress are to do with relationships between themselves and the evidence is shown when we find out in the first season Jay and Davina get into a secret relationship to hide things from Yemi who has feelings for Davina.



(2006) World socialist movement – What is Capitalism? –http://www.worldsocialism.org/articles/what_is_capitalism.php – Accessed 17/12/2013

(2013) Wikipedia – Youngers – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youngers_%28TV_series%29 – Accessed 18/12/2013  

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