MEST 3 Section B Practice Questions

Practice as many as possible under timed conditions (ONE HOUR for each).

New/Digital Media

  • “Digital media have, in many ways, changed how we consume media products.” Who do you think benefits most – audiences or producers?
  • “Media institutions are right to feel threatened by new/digital media.” Consider this statement and show how media institutions are reacting to technological developments.
  • The development of new/digital media means the audience is more powerful in terms of consumption and production. Discuss the arguments for and against this view.
  • “The new generation of UK media power players are going stratight to their audience via the web” Monday July 14 2008. How have media institutions responded to the opportunities offered by new/digital media?
  • Developments in new/digital media mean that audiences can now have access to a greater variety of views and values. To what extent are audiences empowered by these developments?
  • Why and with what success are traditional media institutions adapting to the challenge posed by new/digital media?


  • Critics have accused the mainstream media of tokenism and stereotyping by creating extreme and exaggerated representations. To what extent is this true for the group or place you have studied?
  • Media representations rarely challenge the dominant values of society nor do they give a voice to those with little power. To what extent is this true for the group or place you have studied? Why?
  • It has been said that media representations often reflect the social and political concerns of the age in which they are created. Discuss.
  • Media representations favour those with power at the expense of those without. To what extent do you think this statement is true?
  • 1Xtra, MTV Base and Zee TV are all hugely popular. But whenever I watch these channels, all I see is a ghetto… Nobody wants to be in the ghetto, OK? We all want to live in the mainstream.” (Lenny Henry in a speech to the Royal Television Society, Guardian News and Media Ltd, 2008)
  • Why would the group or place you have studied want to be represented in the mainstream media?
  • A dominant representation is one which is repeated across the media over time and so are the values that it carries. Discuss.


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