If you must picture yourself taking selfies…

Of course, one would assume that if you must insist on taking ‘risqué’ photos of yourself (or getting someone else to take them), online ‘cloud’ storage such as Apple’s iCloud, is probably not the best place to store such things.  That being said, how horrid it must be to have your most private images available for anyone to see.


Celebrities and their lawyers can threat all they want to people who may take it upon themselves to share such things, but there is little they can do.  Yes, there have been stories of arrests made on people who have decided to target people with vile, nasty comments/tweets etc. But there seems to be little social networks can do to manage the spread of controversial content.  Can they stop people downloading such images to keep on their computers/phones etc? No.  And this is perhaps something that the founders of Twitter (launched as Twitr in March 2006) did not envisage happening and now it is too late.

What do you think?  Comments below please!

By the way, anyone get the pun in the title? Was quite proud of that.

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