Connotative and denotative meanings of chicken and chips

To many the connotative meaning is simple,chicken and chips nothing more nothing less. Just a simple snack or meal that can be consumed with little cost to the buyer.

The Denotative meaning can be perceived as far more serious than what the eye sees, This is unknown to many but due to the fact that young children attending British schools cannot avoid this body destroying food because children are constantly bombarded with the amount of fast food and unhealthy food shops on their way home from school, this has become a menace to society and symbolises obesity and weight problems throughout the uk, Did you know that an international study found that the uk have the highest amount of obese children in the whole of Western Europe? As you can now tell, the Denotative meaning is much more than what the eye sees through the connotative meaning.

What does this represent?
What does this represent?

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