Can print media be used to tell a story?

Print media can be used to tell a story in many ways. The ways in which it can be used vary significantly depending on both where the media is placed and also the way that it is told. Within newspapers stories are told either with great truth, when in a broadsheet newspaper an event which is rather tragic may be reported to the upmost truth known by the publishing company, this directly contrasts with the way the same event may be told in a tabloid newspaper where it will set the event up in a much more ‘fantasy story’-esque fashion where the event is often sensationalised and exaggerated to appeal to a somewhat less ‘well read’ audience as opposed to the often more smart, intelligent and educated audience of a broadsheet newspaper. Although they are both telling the same event in a story they tell it in very different ways highlighting the use of the english language to change the way we receive the truth as a story. This highlights the importance of print media as it shows how it can often show a story in a more vivid and real way through the use of the language and images shown within the text/advertisement. In many cases print media can tell a story in a better way than the broadcast media, even though it doesn’t have the access to the same visual equipment and range.


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