Genres as typical tools

The genre that I chose was horror. I chose three films:

  • The cabin in the woods
  • Texas Chainsaw
  • Mama

These three films are very similar but different as well. For example, the story lines are really different but the effects that they create are nearly the same which is: scared, paranoid, uncomfortable and panicky. However, one film may be scarier or more gruesome than the other which can create a more tense atmosphere.

Also the films have similar characters. They have a couple of survivors but most of the characters typically die which creates suspense and an urge for us to carry on watching the film to see who is actually going to survive. Further more, they all have similar messages which is not to go to strange locations for vacation, not to visit strange new houses without knowing anything about it (even though you have inherited it) or taking in weird kids into your care. In addition, they use exactly the same technology such as make up and special effect to make the film look realistic and as scary as it could be to make the audience feel anxious. They also use similar iconography e.g. blood, monsters as well as similar settings such as woods, unknown locations and weird houses.

Uses and gratification explains why most people watch these films and this is to entertain themselves and to be able to socially interact with people who have already seen these films.

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