Why do people watch documentaries?

This can be because they want to be educated on daily life. For example if you watch the daily news you can learn about what happened in your local area or even stuff that has happened in other countries that people would want to be informed about and some people may find this interesting. A theory that ties in to this is Blumler and Katz, this is because there theory is based on 5 things which tell us as an audience why we consume media text.

They are:

  • To be educated
  • To have escapism
  • To identify character and situations
  • To abe able to talk to other people about what you’ve seen read or heard
  • To be entertained

What pleasures are available to viewers?

being able to get interesting information about your documentary to you in the space of an hour or so and you can also be able to relate to some documentaries in a certain way too

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