Task and Homework: TV schedule tonight

My assumptions about comedy shows and sitcoms in Channel 4 only apply to the Channel 4od, were you can see block booking with those kind of series, because there are sitcoms like “how I met your mother”, at 7.30pm, “big bang theory”, at 8pm, “Suburgatory”, at 9pm and “2 broke girls”, at 9.30pm, so they are in direct succession. But on the original Channel 4, there will be only one comedy show, “the Simpsons”. The rest of the schedule is mainly reality soaps. On channel 5 there will be opera soaps, reality and documentary. But mostly imported shows from America or Australia. In-between times there are in both channels often news, which are informing and educating, but the rest of the program is to be entertained and to escape from daily troubles. The evening program of BBC one, where I expected to be a report of an event, consists mainly of news/documentaries, which I also supposed, and a reality show. In BBC two there will be block booking of quiz shows, “Two tribes”, at 6pm, and directly after this, at 6.30pm, “Eggheads”, and there will also be a documentary, so this is all about educating. The evening program of ITV is quite varied, but contrary to my expectation, no castingshow. There will be an opera soup first, then a documentary with the dogs and later a crime thriller. On all of these channels will be, as I expected, news, but in some they will be later than the main TV time.

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