Why do people watch documentaries? What pleasures are available to the viewers?

Using Blumler&Katz’s theory of Uses & Gratifications, people should watch any kind of programmes to be entertained, to be informed, to socially interact with others, to identify with characters or to escape from the daily trouble. Then it could be said that people watch documentaries mostly to be informed, but sometimes also to be entertained and to socially interact with others. People could also watch them to escape from the daily trouble – but usually for that purpose they watch other kind of programmes more entertaining. Of course when you watch a documentary you would be concentrate only to that, and your pleasure would be not think about your problems. Also usually they give you a lot of informations, to keep for yourself or to share with others. For example, last week I watched “Born into the Wild” to interact with my friends. The story of a hedgehog shocked us that much that there was a lot to talk about.

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