Tom And Jerry Cartoons Now Carry A Racism Warning On Amazon Prime Instant Video

Tom And Jerry Cartoons Now Carry A Racism Warning On Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Interested to read your thoughts on this one.  Is this warning warranted? Over-the-top political correctness? Simply trying to change history?

Thoughts in the comments below please.

15 thoughts on “Tom And Jerry Cartoons Now Carry A Racism Warning On Amazon Prime Instant Video

  1. In all honesty, I think that this cartoon should be viewed as a product of its time. If we peruate the stereotype, then it becomes more noticeable. When I was a kid, I watched Tom and Jerry and I never once viewed the “Mammy” character as a racist portrayal, nor did it affect my image of black people. Of course, such a character stereotype shouldn’t be encouraged in other cartoons, or for any media type.

  2. This cartoon was originally made in the 1940s, when racial stereotypes were dominant in cartoons and where it was the norm. Tom and Jerry even ‘glorified smoking’ as smoking was not seen as a health problem just then so in my opinion Tom and Jerry was just going along with the representations at the time. Of course, its no longer political correct so it requires the warning now.

  3. Tom and Jerry’s audience is for children, who at a young age, cannot comprehend such a thing as racism. They will be more likely to worry about what Tom and Jerry are up to, rather than racial stereotypes. However, older audiences may notice and therefore, it is wise to have a warning so that people are aware.

  4. I don’t think that a child would recognize this racist aspect. However, I think that it is good to put this warning, and it is better than to just replace Mammy Two Shoes with a white woman, because that’s just how things were represented to the time the cartoon was created, and I think older people can learn from that and make it better.

  5. I feel that this is really silly and stupid because this cartoon was made when it was okay to have that in their and for them to sensor it now is just really bad. It’s just unesisary

  6. It seems Amazon are trying to stay politically correct. Its as if they are trying to bring to light something that had gone unnoticed for a long time before, it also adds to the incredibly shameful list of grown up issues that have been put in children’s television. Lastly it kind of increases the problem instead of solving it as racism isn’t really an inexcusable social norm like smoking was, nevertheless it shouldn’t be broadcasted to children because it kind of tells them about something that would have gone unsaid which can lead some of the audience to think racism was acceptable which shouldn’t have a place in on-demand television especially programs aimed at children.
    (Which are an impressionable generation to say the least)

  7. this issue about the tom and jerry programme that has recently come across in the media is very late to come across and start to re question the programme if its racial or stereotypical . In which, I think that tom and jerry as a whole programme didn’t impact me as a kid when i watched it, and didn’t take any notice of the any other characters than tom and jerry. nor was i influenced by the things they included in the programme such as smoking. overall i think that this issue, has been broadcast to late, for people to really think outside the box of the programme tom and jerry than a children animated TV programme, such as, does it have a stereotype?

  8. I remember watching many episodes of Tom and Jerry when I was really young and I never noticed the stereotypes and the smoking in the famous cartoon. This may be due to me being young and not knowing much about the world. Therefore, I don’t think that small kids would notice this either and if no one had brought that up, the young ones would’ve not even notice this.
    However, I do see that it’s wrong and the affected scenes should be taken out as it may have an effect later on in the future and may start teaching children the wrong things.

  9. I think it’s not necessary at all to make a Racism Warning because firstly it was made in different time so you can’t change everything that is not correct for our society now and secondly I think that this warning won’t have any effect on the opinion of people to Racism. Not in a good and not in a bad way because I think if people are not racist it won’t change their point of view when they watch Tom and Jerry and I also think that people who are racism won’t change their mind because of this warning. I also think that if children watch Tom and Jerry they won’t care a second about racial stereotypes.

  10. The audience for Tom and Jerry are children and they aren’t going to know what racism is at such a young age therefore i don’t think the racism warning is necessary. Even if they did know what racism was, it wouldn’t stop them from watching it because its only a cartoon which they watch for entertainment. Although i don’t agree with the racism warning, i do understand why they have it, which is because some people might find the cartoon offensive.

  11. I think when you are a child that the girl is black or white it’s not a problem for you because the childrens look Tom and Jerry not the other characters i think. So I don’t think the children see the racism aspect in this cartoon.

  12. I’m not sure to agree with the warning. I most think that it’s useless and above all a bit late. Children won’t perceive the cartoon’s racial implications as they won’t understand the warning. For exaple when I watched Tom&Jerry I never noticed that the woman was black. Children don’t pay attention to those things, they’re not “born” racists. It’s the parents who make them so.

  13. I think that we have to not mix racism and cultural reality of this period. The objective of this serie was not to dicriminate “Black” people but to represente something near the reality of the viewer.
    Moreover children are to young to understand those signs. I’ve seen lots of episode from this serie and I didn’t even notice that she was black.

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