Facebook revamps its takedown guidelines

BBC News – Facebook revamps its takedown guidelines.

So, seeing an exposed bum (banned) is worse than seeing gruesome pictures of murders (allowed)? Talk about screwed up priorities.”

This comment has been ‘uprated’ 65 times, do you agree? What are your thoughts on this?

2 thoughts on “Facebook revamps its takedown guidelines

  1. It all comes down to personal opinion on which one you find more offensive. The best thing to do would be to moderate both. Obviously, the mods aren’t doing enough if 65 people felt the need to agree with such a comment.

  2. Well bared bottoms have been in art for thousands of years, even on the roofs of churches. On the other hand, pictures of murders cannot be called ‘art’ so in my opinion they have their priorities mixed- of course bare bottoms aren’t exactly something to wave about in today’s society, but it is scarcely as bad as a murder scene- which is not banned. At the least, they should ban murder scenes as that is too graphic.

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