Photoshop skills

Alex the Dog

Over the year we have learnt how to manipulate photos and images using Photoshop. These are but two examples created by the illustrious Barnard clan class.

Amazing piece of art, using a variety of skills and background knowledge of audience- in this case those looking for comedy- to achieve a humorous and astounding effect. I’ve sent it to Tate Modern and I think they are willing to have some talks for a whole room gallery.”

– Lee Hembling, 10:54, 21/05/2015

Today’s Newspaper headlines

Newspaper headlines: Hatton Garden heist arrests and ‘history in a handshake’ – BBC News.

A few things to look for:

  • Subverting stereotypes of ‘old people’ in the Hatton Garden story.
  • Wider issues & debates (Right to die, Prince Charles meeting Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams).
  • The Daily Mail pointing out that the NHS nurse who has murdered patients is Filipino (Gasp!)

Anyway, have a read.

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.

~ Malcolm X

Past MEST 1 Section B Questions

Try adapting your cross-media study to some of

Explore the ways target audiences consume and respond to media products across different media platforms.

  • Support your answer with reference to examples from your case study.

Write a talk to present to media producers making a case for using a range of different media platforms to reach consumers.

  • Write the bullet points or notes you would use to support your talk, and include references to advertising, marketing or promotional opportunities.
  • Support your answer with reference to examples from your case study.

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How to structure a written answer for MEST 3 Section B

How to structure a written answer for MEST 3 Section B
(based on A grade example from Representation question June 2009)  Time 1hour.

Note: this is for guidance only, use a method that is best for you.

Q. A dominant representation is one that is repeated overtime and so are the values that it carries. Discuss.


START – Read and reread the question make sure you understand what is required. Make notes on issues, theories, texts and points you will want to make. Try to focus on question – not all theories etc. will apply.

5 – 10  mins

(1) INTRODUCTION – no more than one paragraph (approx.10-15 lines of handwriting)
Introduce your case study (e.g teenage girls) and provide some historical context (e.g ‘throughout history – despite many changes women’s representation has remained the same’) with examples from past texts, issues and relevant events. Use some older texts and cultural history to introduce wider context.
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