The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel & Relationship Issues

The film deals with sensitive issues such gay relationships, as Graham returns to India to find his lover, whom he had been worried about since his childhood, as he thought that he had brought shame over him and his family. The film explores how different cultures and religions view different sexual preferences. It is well placed in the current cultural context, and audiences can relate to the key issues, as the contemporary media landscape is filled with news stories on gay rights and debates on legalisation of gay marriage. (BBC, 2013) Audiences will also be aware of countries who might disapprove of such unions due to religious beliefs for example the BBC reports on how, ‘British gay Muslims seek Islamic weddings’ (BBC, 2011) and ‘Huge anti-gay-marriage protest march in Paris’ (BBC, 2013) However, the film presents a nostalgic journey back to a lost love, and also highlights that society has moved on slightly and the issues are discussed more openly. Graham’s character was guilt ridden all his life and as he states himself, he was the one ‘in prison’ and by getting closure on these issues allowed him to move in in his life.

The issue of arranged marriages are also explored and how it compares with true love. Sonny’s love for his girlfriend is compromised by his mother’s disapproval of her; however, he bravely challenges her regarding the matter after encouragement from Evelyn. The films also explores traditional views vs more modern views on relationships within societies. In addition, it also focuses on different religious views and how these views are expressed, and what the impact is on society when these rules are followed rigidly.

Arranged marriages are often reported on in a negative way in western societies, but Graham finds that his ex-lover was happy in a relationship of mutual respect. They have never stopped loving each other; however, they were unable to pursue their relationship in normal way as others were able too.  On the other hand, Sonny’s experience seems to be more challenging. It seems like there are different perceptions regarding this controversial issue ironically within the same society too.  In recent times more negative news stories saw the light as reported by the BBCNorth London trust helps forced marriage perpetrators( May, 2013). Audiences will often have some understanding of this issue; however, it is often the West’s lack of understanding regarding the matter that causes moral panic. There are numerous documentaries regarding the issues in the recent media landscape and it often voices concerns about how girls in particular are affective and how they are handed to another family against their will. Honour killings are often also highly controversial issues as seen in stories such as, Death penalty for family members in India ‘honour killing’ (BBC, 2012).

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3 thoughts on “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel & Relationship Issues

  1. 9/10
    In Hembling’s latest new blog post, he explores the relationship issues within the Marigold hotel. A white knuckle ride from start to finish, let down by poor editing.

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