The Gamechangers

The 90 minute docudrama explores different issues regarding violence and adult content seen in video games. It expresses that the effect of 18+ rated video games are relevant today, despite being based on the GTA games released years ago. In this sense, the short film is valuable as it spreads light on the on-going issue of video game content, and allows viewers to be reminded of previous events, such as the Devin Moore case which is mentioned.

However, in my opinion, the Gamechangers was not very engaging and lost its excitement as it progressed. As many have said, Daniel Radcliffe will forever been seen as Harry Potter, not matter how big of a beard he grows.

the game changers

I feel that the game changers showed me how hard it is to get your thoughts and ideas out into the world without obstacles. However if those obstacles were not there then gaming and film industries etc. would become chaos and wouldn’t be as popular as they are now. Overall the programme wasn’t to bad but the real story was slightly exaggerated in my opinion.

Game changers

With this TV movie, it showed a follow player, being influenced by the violent game. It showed the contrast between both sides of the argument. It shows the game makers having to make change to some of their scenes to get the approval, that they need to get it released to the public. With this TV movie I didn’t really like it.

The Gamechangers

I think that ‘The Gamechangers’ TV movie was quite interesting. It clearly showed the two oppositions between the game company and the lawyer. Also, it showed how important media censorship is in creating fairly reviewed games and films for certain age ranges.

Grand Theft Auto


I thought the BBC produced TV film was underwhelming. The truth was stretched a bit and the antagonist was annoying. Seeing Daniel Radcliffe in a different role took me out of the experience. He’s too synonymous with Harry Potter.


So I’ve been asked to write some real deep stuff about some real simple stuff that you don’t usually give a second glance unless you’re like a poet or something.

moonSo the first thing I’ve chosen to dive into deeper meanings about would be this circular object which we see every night. The moon is a planet which orbits the earth and is part of our solar system. However if we look at it deeper, for me the moon symbolises darkness and mystery, as usually its associated with nightfall and all the things that go bump in the night. Also the moon stands for the maternal influences so the moon represents women. It can also show subtlety, clarity, transformation and femininity.

Corvus corax/Common Raven

The second thing I have chosen to look at in more detail would have to the ‘Common Raven’. The common Raven  is a large all-black passerine bird. The bird being all black and usually associated with the grim reaper usually leaves us thinking dark things of it. For me the raven symbolises death, darkness, mystery but also beauty and the act of seeking something. It can also show pain for the crow of a raven is a loud, low, gurgling croak or a harsh grating sound.


My final item is the good old pumpkin. The pumpkin is usually associated with Halloween which can make you feel of childhood if you celebrate Halloween and for me personally it makes me think of warm homey smells like pumpkin pie and wood filled fireplaces and warm jumpers and crunchy leaves and candy filled baskets and toffee smothered apples and… GHOSTS AND WITCHES AND CINDER-IFFING-ELLA