♥Media Platforms♥

There are three main categories for media platforms broadcasting, print and eMedia, these three categories are used to present information.

Broadcasting uses things like the TV and radio to distribute information to us as consumers. Broadcasting is then split into even smaller categories depending on what information the consumer would like to know, for example films are split into genres like horror, comedy, thriller and romance allowing the viewer to chose what genre they would like to watch depending on what genre entertains them the most. The radio is used in the same way as the TV, to present information. There are also several types of radio stations depending on what the consumer would like to know, for example there are music, news, weather, sports and even children radio stations.

Another media platform is print, this is when information is dispensed using things like newspapers, billboards, magazines and posters. We are constantly surrounded by print media whether you are in the car and see a billboard or if your on the train and read a newspaper, and I think that it is one of the most common media platforms because we see it almost everywhere, and again people buy certain types of print media depending on what information they want, for example some people buy broadsheet newspapers and some buy tabloids. Another example would be when you buy a magazine and you look for a specific magazine because of the content that you are looking for.

 The final media platform is the most commonly used, it is eMedia. E-media is the media platform that involves the internet, it can be anything that uses the internet such as social media like Face book and Twitter or  video games like the Xbox or WII and even blogging/micro blogging which includes both regular blogging and things like twitter that are used to provide others with information in only a small number of characters to make it more interesting to read and less time consuming.

The main question is how are these media platforms incorporated in our everyday lives, well the answer is simple, these three media platforms are constantly used and we see them very often without even realising it! For example lets say your favourite artist is releasing a new album, you would probably hear about it from them first because they would share it on their social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. You then might also see a TV advert for the new album showing you the release date and where to find it, you would also see a poster or a billboard also advertising the new album. Another example would be for a new film or movie, they play a lot of movie adverts on the TV and radio so you would probably  see  it on there. Movies are now advertised on the side of buses so they are seen by more people. Then you would have seen the cast of the movie share information about it on social media!

This should have covered everything you need to know about the use of media platforms!! ♥



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