Media Platforms

In todays society, Media Platforms play a huge role in the way we receive and disperse information for the world to see. There are three main media platforms which we encounter everyday. Broadcasting, Print and E-Media.

Broadcasting is a way to present information through moving image and radio. When watching TV or going to the cinema, we see movies, TV shows, advertisement, news rounds and many other forms of programmes. Each form separates into their own sub-categories. For example, television shows a variety of different programmes. The news rounds consist of daily or weekly news, weather forecasts, sports, traffic reports and many others. When watching the TV shows, they too are separated mainly into different genres such as soaps, thrillers, dramas and comedies for example “My wife and kids” or “Suits”. Everyday we are bombarded with advertisement after advertisement for law firms, car insurance, shop sales and thankfully we are no longer spending 30 seconds on every TV break watching those dreadful ‘Go Compare’ opera adverts. Now lets not forget the ‘seasonal’ adverts, showing how Lidl sells amazing Christmas turkeys and their apparently just as good and cheaper than lets say Tesco’s or Sainsburys. As well as the moving images in broadcasting, there is also radio. Radio can be separated into fact or fiction. For examples the news and weather being fact and those Sunday children book readings being fiction. Radio too plays an important part in distributing information.

Another media platform out there and I think one of the oldest is Print. News papers are a main aspect of print but they too are separated into two categories, tabloids and broadsheets, examples of them being ‘The Sun’ a tabloid with the reading age of 7 and ‘The Independent’ for the more advanced broadsheet readers. Magazines are too examples for print, their categories being sport, fashion, gardening, music, children’s magazines and many more. Now for todays advertisement, we like to plaster posters everywhere and stick up giant billboards explaining the new release of Justin Biebers new album or a new toe fungus cream, either way its a fun and attractive way of grabbing peoples attention.

Finally the last major media platform and the most modern is the E-Media. E-Media is nothing without internet as that’s basically what it runs on. Social Networking is a huge umbrella of E-Media which covers things like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp and all that cool jazz that the hipsters of today use. Other aspects of E-Media is video blogging/sharing such as YouTube and Vine, and normal blogging. Surprisingly enough Video Games are also part of the E-Media family. There’s actually an app called Twitch where you can actually sit and watch others play games…creepy…but whatever floats your boat I guess.

Now in the end, if you want to majorly advertise a bit of information of any sort, you really just have to combine all these platforms together to really grab the attention of your audience. For example, you’ve just finished filming your own movie up in Hollywood so what do you do? Well the movie itself is a way broadcasting, however you still make trailers and short clips to put on TV and the internet, not to mention the sound trailers on the radio. Hmm what next? Well I’d make a giant billboard and stick it on every available place and not to mention the busses. Posters need to be up in every cinema and advertisements in newspapers and magazine. Finally you have to tweet about it! Make sure your fans know its out!New-Social-Media-PlatformsJohnny-Depp-Poster-in-The-Rum-Diarya2cpso2cmaesmui

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