Ideologies in media – Film

Ideologies of ’12 Years a Slave’
There are many messages that the producers are trying to reinforce to the audience through this film. For example:
• Slavery is wrong
• Buying and selling black people as slaves was normal back in the mid 19th century
• Not all white people where bad, some actually liked black people but couldn’t do anything about the slavery
• Black women are constantly abused and raped by their owners
• Black slaves that worked on cotton fields where wiped and treated like animals
• Only black female house maids and kitchen servants where well looked after with nice, clean clothes and good accommodation
• Relationships between white and black was greatly looked down upon
• Owners used the Bible to sanction slavery and it was their ‘Christian duty’ to preach the scripture to their slaves
• There was only a couple of black people that where not slaves and had jobs in sectors such as business, music and drama.

Ideologies of ‘The Theory of Everything’
This film also has many messages that the producers are trying to reinforce to the audience through this film. For example:
• Don’t judge the disabled, not everyone was born this way.
• Love can be very strong, this was shown when the women still cared for the man even through hard times of his illness
• Disability doesn’t stop you from living a normal life, this was shown when he had his own 3 children, wrote his own book and just simply carried on living his day to day life.
• It makes you realize that things happen for a reason and that you just have to take it and just remain positive

Ideologies of ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’
This film is really inspirational and has many different meaningful messages for the audience. For example:
• Working really hard for what you want and not giving up, gets you to where you want to be
• Everyone has a tough moment in their life but you just have to pick yourself up and carry on. This was shown when he couldn’t sell his ‘Bone Density Scanners’ that he invested so much money on, when his wife left him, when he lost his house, bank account and credit cards. Also then he had to sleep on the streets with his little son and go to work for 6th months without getting paid at a stockbrokers company.
• The film shows the importance of a good father figure because as a single father, we see the strong relationship between him and his son and his determination do what is right to protect his son.

One thought on “Ideologies in media – Film

  1. Excellent examples and clear understanding of ideologies. Well done. I would now attempt to argue with perhaps what the producers were trying to say; do some of the ideologies confuse the viewer?

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