“The medium is the message”…Is it really?

The statement made by Marshall McLuhan,”The medium is the message” which means that the form in which the message is presented (print, visual, musical, etc.) determines the ways in which that message will be regarded and even though Media is growing everyday, can we still say this theory is relevant to todays society? McLuhan died in 1980, therefore his theory of “The medium is the message” may not be accurate for todays use of Snapchat and Instagram, things surely McLuhan didn’t have however I believe we can still say that “The medium is the message”.

Take a book for example that has been developed into a film. Very rarely the movies are exactly the same as the books and if they are they’re usually very long (like The Hobbit) or very badly made, however turning them into fast paced action packed features usually brings in the audiences and in some cases makes people want to read the books after as they are in more detail therefore scoring for the books as well.

The Harry Potter franchise has made over £15 billion, sold over 400 million books, translated into 67 different languages and is still going strong. However would the Potter collection still be as popular as it is today if the movies where made perfectly inline with the books? The thrilling tale of Harry and his courageous friends would not be as gripping and to be quite frank interesting if in the movies we visually saw every step, bath and toilet break they made in their lives in Hogwarts. However, if we only make the movies to show the most important and the most highlighted parts in the books, we allow ourselves an hour and a half of pure enjoyment and a cunning display of visual art. The fast moving pace allows us to grip onto our chairs, lean in and suck up every bit of information…..then suddenly it falls into a cliff hanger making us pain to want to know more. This draws an audience in, this builds a fan base and this shows us that the Medium can be the Message.

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