♥Marshall McLuhan : The medium is the message♥

Marshall McLuhan came up with the theory ” The medium is the message” this means that the form of the message (Print, Broadcast and eMedia) determines the way the message will be perceived and that new technology will alter the ways we experience the world.

I think that McLuhan’s theory is still relevant because the technology in our world is still growing and changing everyday, and I think that it will continue to change even further over time as we discover more ways of becoming technologically advanced. I think that this theory can be extended for many years to come because the technology and media will never stop growing and as long as it is growing this theory will always apply.

There are several limitation for each media platform that could affect this theory for example print media has a short life span and has to have time to be able to write and publish the whole newspaper/magazine. Broadcasting also requires time to have the TV programme filmed and put on TV it also is quite costly, the radio has no visuals.♥

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