Mcluhan’s Theory

“The medium is the message”. This famous phrase was told by McLuhan. He tried to show society that different platforms (eMedia, Print, Broadcast) tells people different news. For example magazines would tell completely different news from radio. McLuhan tried to show us that  we should not only  pay attention to the information media tells us, but also the ways in which each new medium disrupts tradition and reshape social life.

This theory is still reverent to us because it is true that print would try to exaggerate and blow up the news to make it sound more interesting, then on the other hand news on TV would have more evidence and facts. Also print media has a short life span, so the news should be printed and published daily. I believe that this theory could be extended because there was no internet at that time. In this century the technology helps people to get fresh news from internet so this shows that print is disappearing. However there are some limitations, the theory can be affected by each media platform. For example publishing news on radio is cheaper that broadcasting. Publishing news on social networks is also faster than printing and publishing in magazines or news.

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