McLuhan’s theory today.

McLuhan said: “the medium is the message”.  He was in 1964, when television starts to spread, a literal boom.  After then computers start to diffuse in every family houses and so internet, Google, and every type of social network.

I think that McLuhan theory is  relevant today, maybe more than in the 1950s.   Now there are more “medium” that are able to shape the way we perceive and think about the world not because of the content but just because of them and their power over people.

A lot of people today spend some of their time in the social network world, the number of people actively using social media each month has now passed the 2 billion mark.  I think that isn’t because of the content but just because is Facebook or Whatsapp, You Tube, Wikipedia…

McLuhan observes that for example the press has had a big impact in Western history , conveying the Protestant Reformation , and the Enlightenment rationalism and rise to nationalism , industrialism , mass production , literacy and universal education and the same is happening today with Internet and the social network, they have changed part of human history and the are constantly doing today.

They are acting on us and we can’t do a lot to prevent it, I think that is one of the limit of McLuhan’s theory, we can’t interact with the media and we can’t (or maybe partially) change it.

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