♥Connotations and Denotations ♥

The Denotation of red is that it is a colour. The connotations of Red is that it can represent a mixture of feeling and emotions for example in western countries such as the UK red can symbolise danger, love, anger, hate, romance and even Valentines day.  Although we link the colour red with these things it doesn’t mean that other countries do for instance, in China Red is the colour of luck and celebration, it also connotes happiness and is worn at many ceremonies from weddings to funerals. 

This image shows a gesture that is commonly known as the dog call, it is used to summon someone. This image has many connotations such as dominance because it is most commonly used by someone of authority and can be considered as a seductive hand gesture .In most countries it is a normal thing but in the Philippines you could get arrested or have your finger broken for using the gesture. Also in Singapore it is an indication of death.

The denotation of this image would be that there are a couple laughing and having a good time. The connotations of this image would be that they are happy and are enjoying their time together, the fact that they are laughing shows that they are content. At least that is how we see the image, in Japan laughter that exposes the teeth would be frowned upon and considered impolite.

This is  little look into how differently we interpret certain things whether they are in the media or in your everyday life, something that could be as ordinary as laughing  could be considered rude by someone else!

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