Denotations And Connotations

Denotations and Connotations are used everyday even without you realising as every image you see gives you a stimulus to assume what is going on. For my first example a homeless person what you see is someone dirty begging for money because they cant get a job so the connotations that go with that are that they are lazy and useless therefore they are a waste of space and should be shunned by society. Even though every case is different and sometimes the connotations with homeless people can be true most cases are the opposite as they are hardworking and motivated to get a job but they are just down on their luck and become homeless from unfortunate circumstances.

On the other hand a suit and tie is widely recognised as a good way to dress as they are usually expensive and makes you look more attractive. This makes people believe that you have a well paid job or you are an important person above middle class because you are a very intelligent person. There are also negative connotations to a suit and tie as people also think of corruption as people in governments wear suits and ties as if to cover up their deception this also applies to business people as for example Fifa was recently shown to be corrupt causing Sepp Blatter to step down as president.

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