What are the what is that you say? Well Billy, I’m glad you asked. A denotation is the thing you see. For example, the image you are seeing with your young eyes is a girl, let’s call her Alice, falling down a hole. Simple right? Well you are wrong Billy. Its not just Alice falling down a hole, its something much more. You see those clocks sticking out the sides? They could mean she’s falling down for eternity; when is her time going to run out? Note how its in black and white. No, Billy, she isn’t colour blind, white symbolises purity and cleanliness but the contrasting black resembles death, evil and even mystery. The amalgam* of colours, various objects sticking out the side and the fact that Alice is mainly covered in black, symbolises child-like wonder and curiosity. Also, look at how Alice is falling. One of her arms is stretched upwards as if she’s trying to get back up the hole, back to her regular everyday life but like the silly billy she is, she wont be able to have normalcy again (mainly because she isn’t a magical being and can’t fly back up, I mean you know gravity). Maybe in everyday society everyone feels a little bit like Alice. You know you get married, or you lost your sock and you spend five minutes searching for it and it turns out you were sitting on it, someone gets pregnant and you think “wow baby” and then it seems like everyone else is pregnant and it just gets out of control. My point is, when you see any image, maybe the colour yellow. Many people might just see yellow, but you, Billy, we see so much more. Also knowing this stuff is like super duper helpful in this subject so learn the gosh darn difference.

  • Denotation- what you see
  • Connotation- the deeper meaning
You’re welcome.
*found a word i liked

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