Let’s Learn God Dangit: Real Life Problems are Real

Before I start, this it has some sensitive stuff in it and a little swearing so you know, protect your virgin eyes if you wish. I apologise if I offended anyone, but this was fuelled by my hate fire and the entirety of this is a true fact.

Okay so, I was kinda sorta watching this documentary on BBC 3 about the KKK. I say kinda sorta because I wasn’t exactly paying attention but a couple of things stood out to me.

1) racism here can get you a 4 year jail sentence or 7. Again I wasn’t really paying attention. America, on the other hand, its a form of free speach. I know right? Doesn’t that irk you? Doesn’t that piss you off?

2) A man in the program named James I think, had a picture of Hitler on his wall and he practically idolised him. He even said the concentration camps had swimming pools and movie theatres, and “were more like summer camps rather than death camps” so supposedly, the death of billions of Jews, Russians, Poles and many, many more was a complete lie? I mean you know, all those pictures and videos of rotting corpses of men woman and children. I suppose that all those trenches with the charred bodies were the swimming pools and the gas chambers were movie theatres? I mean I don’t know maybe my history is a little rusty, please creepy middle aged man tell me more.

Now, racism is probably one of the most biggest wars happening out there right now. But like the one thing that bothers me most, is how everyone blames it on white people. Maybe I’m biased seeing as half of my existence is because white people came to be but, in my opinion, its the ignorant closed minded people who need to be blamed. We’re living in the age of technology, people are more connected and becoming more aware. shouldn’t we be teaching those racist arseholes that the world is much more colourful? Jesus aint even white. But I digress.

Think about this; there could be latino people out their who hate asians. Middle eastern people who hate white people. Its humans againts humans. A dog eat dog world. Sure there’s no stopping war and famine because everyone out there either has too much or too little and we’re all demanding more. To be honest I’m getting bored of all this racism malarkey. I’m being sarcastic btw. (Mr Hembling you’re old btw means by the way (if you’re reading this)) God forbid we hear about a young girl who was raped in Jubilee Park by a man who even broke her pelvis. God forbid we hear about the fact that thousands of school kids in the middle east were murdered in a school shooting, because you know, religion. These are horrible disgusting true stories you’re reading, but we still don’t hear about how police in america are getting away with breaking the law seeing as they are the law. I mean, remember that one time when an army veteran rolled up to a church with a rifle with the intention of shooting up black people. How about women and children wearing a hijab, being accused of being radicalists and are most likely victims of physical abuse maybe even sexual. This one crazy lady said that all Muslims are radicalists. Which is true seeing as a couple of friends of mine totally want to blow everything up (again sarcasm Jesus Christ). Also remember how 9/11 is so much bigger than the amount of prejudice against anyone who isn’t white and Irish? Or at least the attacks on Charlie Hebdo is so much more scarier than the 300 Nigerian school girls who went missing. No idea if all the girls are okay but again, I digress because, Jessica Smith, a 4 year old blonde haired blue eyed girl managed to pull out her tooth today and it was sold for £4394520 because it had another tooth attached to it. All is well.

So yes, we will most likely hear about a small white child’s success, something as small as finding a 1p on the ground from 1687, rather than a coloured person who achieved so much more in life than what was expected of them. This is why many people of colour feel oppressed and ugly, but that’s a story for another time when I get angry and moody. On a lighter note; at least 250,000 hate crimes happen a year. Most of which are unreported. So that could mean hundreds, thousands maybe even millions more Latino’s are being laughed at because they look like janitors. Millions of Africans could feel oppressed because they don’t have beautiful porcelain skin, stoned because they don’t follow the traditional “marry girl or boy don’t be gay because Jesus”. Millions of Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese. Vietnamese people and their very separate cultures can be dismissed completely, because they all look the same and are Chinese.

Also read up on Boko Haram, a Nigerian terrorist group who are super scary;


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