Codes and Conventions

The movie Dark Shadows is a Drama, Comedy, Romantic Fantasy  and Horror genre. The main character in this movie is Johnny Depp, usually he acts in fantasy genre movies, like this one. The technical code and symbolic codes  were used in this film. For example when Johnny was sad the weather changed and the music was scary and sad. The green sheen was used ofmaxresdefaultten in this movie. this is because there are lots of special effects like ghosts and other magical effects. However the camera was used often aswell. Iconography in this movie was weather, this is because it was dark and this suggests that the genre of this movie is Horror. Additionally old fashion clothes is also important thing in the movie, because they suggest that it is fantasy movie. The movie was set in 1827 in old castle. Todorov theory suits this movie because the narrative follows the structure. there is Equilibrium,disruption, Recognition, Repair, disruption, Repair. Also the main opposition in this movie is Death and Life. Vladimir Propp theory; there are a hero, princess,false hero. The movie entertains and excites audience.

The second movie is Mordecai which is an action, drama, comedy and love genre. Mustage was the iconography of this movie, because it showed that its is comedy. Like in the previous movie the main character in Johnny Depp. This movie was set in three counties Britain, America and Russia, usually out side, MORTDECAI - 2015 FILM STILL - Johnny Depp as Charlie Mortdecai - Photo Credit: David Appleby ¬© 2015 Lionsgatethis shows that the camera was used often. In this movie the symbolic codes have been used to show how the character feels. For example Johnny usually felt proud of himself and expressed this by taking  joke others , so this agrees that the  genre is comedy.  The Todorovs theory; disruption,Recognition, Repair, disruption  Repair, reinstatement. There was no equilibrium and some stages like disruption were repetitive. In Propp’s theory; hero, princess, helper, villain. There was opposition between rich and poor, love and hate. This movie is for entertaining and escape. Also audience can empathize, because it is interesting action movie.


The last movie is Public Enemies which is an action and Romantic movie. In this movie Johnny Depp was also the main character like in the previous movies. iconography in this movie was money and guns, this suggests that the movie’s genre is action. The message of Public Enemies is quite simple: it’s good to be Public-Enemies-360x240bad, except for the pesky possibility of eventually being gunned down by federal agents. This movie was set in Great Depression time so it is factual. the CGA and came were use to film this movie. The Todorov theory; disruption, Repair, disruption and reinstatement, this film did not have equilibrium and recognition. In Levi-Strauss theory; Good and evil, Rich and poor. in this movie Johnny Depp wa fighting against government by stealing money from banks. Propp theory there was a princess, villain, hero, false hero and false villain.  I think this film will make audience interested and exited. This movie is also entertaining so audience can escape from reality.

Akvile Stoskute.

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