Representations & Steriotypes

The movie I seen recently was ‘Paper Towns’. In previous lesson we disused about the stereotypes media creates about teenagers, so in my opinion this movie shows public the original stereotype of a teenager. Paper Towns shows teenagers as rebellious, careless human beings, who associates their problems with apocalypse. Description, a teenager girl runs away, because she started to get too much pressure from outside world. Her parents and worst her boyfriend left her, so she decides to revenge him together with her neighbour, but later she runs away.  She leaves lots of hints to the neighbour boy abo0db69fc6-841f-4e7f-9e9c-9a9a98e9699e-1020x612ut the place she is hiding, so he picks a couple of friend and follows her hints. On the trip he has lots of fun and falls in love with the girl who run away. The action takes place in America, this shows that teenagers are legal to do more things so they are freer. This shows that people think that teenagers can do what ever they want. But for the most parts media tries to showaudience that we need attention from other our age people, but especially love from our parents. I have recognised that in other films that involve teenagers that are parents tries to influence the teenagers about studies and relationships , but however they do what they like in the film ’10 thing I hate about you’. Media tries to make teenagers look evil. However this is fur a representation of media about teenagers, we all know that we are all different and we act differently. This is just  a type of reality we are influenced by media to believe in. As a rule representation is used to make genres more realistic and films more entertaining,even knowing it is cut out of context. Stereotypes are used to, so they do not need to explain more about characters, so we could know who is who just by looking at them.

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