Is print Media-dead Media??

I don’t agree with the fact that print media is dead media. I agree that E-media is improving and people would rather use online magazine to read the news because its cheaper and faster. E-media provides more evidence like videos, pictures, people can write comments and share with other. I agree that it is more fun to interact with each other in social network, whan to read a magazine to your self, and have no one to share you opinion. Nowadays the fragmented audience is expecting faster, wider and better quality of news. Before people did not have social network to communicate with each other. There was no YouTube to get entertained and share their opinions. the magazines were not published so often like we have today. This just shows that the demand of paper magazine have  strongly improved. However not just paper media have improved, but also the broadcasting. This is because before it was about +5 TV channel, so people did not have a wide range of selections. But everything have changed because technology improved and today we get +100 TV channels, so everyone can choose what news they like. For example channels that are, suitable for busy people,  different age categories ;from young children to older people. Different genres of news like comedy ones to serious BBC news. This just shows that broadcast media tries to suit different people and attract them to TV screens. So the competition between Print media and Broadcast media is extremely stong. In  2007 the professor of media David Gauntlett came up with a theory that new media platforms like YouTube helps people to become producers themselves. I agree with this print-versus-digital-media-928theory, because it is true that people get more freedom and they are allowed to create what they enjoy and share that with other. I think it is good that people are using E-media because it is fun and entertaining.

However in beginning I said that I do not agree with the fact that print media is dying, because Print media is also progressive. I still found magazines extremely attractive because of the colour, different genres and design they offer you. However this is just my opinion, but the research shows that there is still a very high demand. For example there are lots of children magazines, with different tasks to do and lots of colourful Disney characters. For teenagers and young adults media offers magazines like Cosmopolitan with wide range of popular and beautiful celebrities. As you can see there are thousands of magazines with different genres to suit you wishes. For example magazines about food, cars, sports, educational like media, clothes ect. Don’t forget the annoying advertising leaflets that most of us get every single day, huge billboards that advertise gorgeous winter coats , these are just few thing of print media. I think that Print media is still very important and the phrase ‘print media is dead media” this is just a bluff.

Akvile Stoskute

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