Let’s Learn God Dangit: Is Print Media a Dead Medium?

With the growing age of digital media, no one casts a second glance to flyers and pamphlets. Its so much easier to whip out your mobile and check out the latest trends and news, its quick, efficient and provides so much more information than a measly piece of paper. A lot of newspaper firms have switched to e-media, by creating handy apps and showing the “risqué” stories online rather than on paper. But is this really such a good thing? Print media has been around for centuries. Not only does it provide information about the world around you, it can contain fun competitions and quizzes. Some of you may argue that its better to do them online, but with online competitions, its easy to fall into scams and malware and you’ll end up with 60+ viruses on your laptop when you just wanted to play Sims 4 was that too much to ask?!*

Anyway, print media isn’t essentially a dying medium. A survey in April by Deloitte found that 88% of magazine readers in the UK still prefer to read articles on print rather than online. This survey was carried out in 2012 but still though, that’s a pretty high number. Then again, print isn’t just newspapers and magazines. Its those giant, eye-catching, mildly annoying, traffic accident inducing, omfg I’m late for work please stop looking at the magical billboard otherwise someone will die posters. These posters subconsciously plant seeds of information in our brain, even if you glanced at it for a second. Its one of the main reasons why you want to eat people instead of a salad because of that Hannibal poster you saw.

Print is also helpful for when online companies want to branch out to a wider audience. When they’ve used all the various ways of online promotion and more, its that extra little boost from billboards, flyers, and ads in newspapers and magazines that really help. E-media is a huge part of the world of promotion because it tends to subconsciously give you ideas about what you want to do on a Sunday afternoon. Print media is also those comic-books you know a love. They’re just not the same on a cold hard piece of glass and metal (idk what phones are made of is it plastic?)

I read the first part of an unnecessarily long worded essay which said; “In essence when it is said that the print media is fast dying, it translates to the huge ground that the internet has covered in terms of developing content in just a short while leading to the panic within the media fraternity (Stanley 2010, p.20). Consequently, the print media starts to lose its fervent readers to online sites for news and advertisement and still feels left in the dark because there is no clear path that they can use to curtail the transit.” I’d like to think that this means that although people are relying more and more on e-media, its a little less reliable because the internet is a little too opinionated therefore people would rather  go back to the traditional print.

*based on a true story. it was totally worth it by the way


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(the long worded thing) http://www.ukessays.com/essays/media/is-print-media-dead-media-essay.php

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