♥Media Magazine: Catfished article ♥

There is an article in the Media Magazine about the TV show Catfished. Catfished is a reality TV show that exposes the reality of the online identities we adopt in social media. This article shows that people watch this TV show for many reasons such as giving the audience a topic to discuss with others, in the article we are also told that audiences discuss reality TV shows more than an other format. I think that the audience is also able to relate to the TV show because social media such as Twitter and Facebook are used by almost everyone all around the world and have become part of our everyday lives but not many people realise the dangers of these social media sites so this show can help to get the message across to others.The article says ” Instead of bombarding us with affluent celebrity types who live in palatial houses surrounded by the materialistic trappings of their good fortune (Real Housewives/Keeping Up with the Kardashians) this show exposes the desperate, lonely, individual seeking solace in adopting the persona of someone who doesn’t really exist in order to validate their own existence.”I think that this is very true because the TV shows allows the audience to see what is really happening behind your computer screen and shows that you really do not know who you are interacting with. The typical reality TV shows  are the ones where we look into celebrities lives and although they are interesting to watch and make you want to have that life, the truth is that they do little to help us as the audience in realising what life is actually like, they only show us what we want to see as an audience. I think that this TV show gives us all a more realistic look into the lives of others and shows us that its not all fancy houses and expensive cars. I think that this article has shown both the uses and gratifications of this TV show and also the way that things are represented in the media.

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