Image is everything

You may have seen the case of Brock Allen Turner hit the headlines recently.

Brock (who is 20) was recently convicted of serious sexual assault, after being found lying on top of an unconscious woman outside a university party. Although he was found unanimously guilty of multiple charges, the judge decided to offer him the minimum sentence – saying that “a prison sentence would have a severe impact on him …

Letters from the victim and from Brock’s father have been published (it is safe to say there is more support and sympathy for the former).

In 2012, a 17 year old called Trayvon Martin was shot and fatally killed by a volunteer security guard while walking home from a store.

See below for an example of how each of these two young men were presented in the media:

Image is everything…

Oh, and if you are confused about the issue of consent, please watch this video. In fact, please watch this video even if you think you are not confused about consent: