Hello guys,

Yesterday USA had an elections, America have voted for Trump. Do you think it’s a good idea to have a business man as a president. However I want to tell you something different. I have found many funny articles and pictures about Donald trump, but this was different. What do you think this picture represents? Many people says that it was a second election for Russia and  Putin will have another country America, so he will control Donald as his puppet doll?

By the way they would be a nice couple 🙂

Image result for PUTIN AND TRUMP KISSINGAkvile Stoskute.


2 thoughts on “Hello guys,

  1. You forgot to mention that this was created by a Lithuanian artist! Listening to various people on TV/LBC yesterday, I certainly think Trump’s relationship (not like that) with Putin will be one of the things that determines whether he can be a successful president or not. Will he be able to stand up to him, or will he be a puppet like you say.

    Anyway, isn’t that picture supposed to be Kayne kissing Kanye?

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