Representation Of Celebrities: Fashion comparison


It is not news to us that ‘The Daily Mail’ is a very opinion based media text, they enforce their personal ideologies and make it seem like a ‘fact’ or a true representation of what happened. Like most of the world I was very much addicted to reading ‘The Daily Mail’, they offered several different topics on one page and it was easy for me to read because of the language they use, but I soon started to realise just how corrupt they actually are.

Whilst looking through todays news on ‘The Daily Mail’ I came across this article about Ariel Winter’s bold fashion choice and it immediately reminded me of something Kendall Jenner had worn back in September:


Displaying image4.PNG
posted on The Daily Mail’s Snapchat account 27/11/16
Displaying Marwa blog.png
Posted on The Daily mail website23/09/16













The contrast between the two posts is very prominent. The post that features Ariel Winters (left) is written in a form that makes it sound criticising. The representation of Ariel is very different to the way they represent Kendall (left). At first glance the two articles seem to be a simple acknowledgment of what the two girls are wearing but when they are compared it becomes apparent who ‘The Daily Mail’ favour.

As someone that is interested in Fashion I love to know what celebrities wear. It gives us inspiration for our own fashion choices as well as setting new trends. Both Kendall and Ariel where wearing similar outfits, both with a plunging neckline and shorts, so why are they represented differently?

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Ariel Winter
Displaying marwa blog 2.png
Kendall Jenner










As you can see above the two girls are wearing very similar outfits so why is it that Ariel is ‘trying to hard’ and Kendall looks ‘Chic’. Kendall is famous model, this gives her an advantage to being praised for her fashion choices, she is known in the fashion world for her modelling career so they have to represent her in a positive light. Kendall is also loved by people all over the world and The Daily Mail wouldn’t want to upset her fans by saying she didn’t look good, or she was showing too much skin.

On the other hand, Ariel is less liked in the media, she is an Actress on the show Modern Family and is currently being hated due to her more open use of social media, where she dresses ‘provocatively’. Ariel is presented as a ‘pushing the fashion boudaries’, why is this not said for Kendall?

Ariel Winter is called out for what her most desirable assets are, making the readers focus on those specific assets whereas Kendall is described to have a model figure, this description of Kendall if more respectful and modest than that of Ariel. (I am sure there is a theory in here somewhere)

I belive that the main issue they have is that Ariel has more to expose thanKendall does, Airel ebing only 18 has also caused some contradiction. But people forget that Kendall was also 18 when she started her modelling career. I think it is unfair for The daily Mail to define one person because of what they are wearing but praise someone else wearing a similar outfit. Ariel’s inexperience with the modelling world shouldn’t affect how The daily Mail represent her, in fact they should be encouraging that she is comfortable enough to wear this.

Thank you for reading this Hembling,


One thought on “Representation Of Celebrities: Fashion comparison

  1. Lol @ “Thanks for reading this Hembling”. It’s about time you realised the true wickedness of the Daily Mail!

    Unfortunately, some of the pictures don’t display, but this is a good analysis of the contrasting constructed representations that expressed the ideologies (as you say).

    What role is the Male Gaze playing in this?

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