MEST 1 Section B – Making it ‘wow’.

The more of the following you can talk about, the more range your Case Study has.

Does at least one of my Case Study texts have…

1.         Opportunities for Alternative Consumption Trends?

Timeshifting / Binge Viewing / Media Meshing / Stacking

2.         Opportunities for creating User Generated Content / Viral Marketing?

3.         Opportunities for various Audience Gratifications?

Diversion / Personal Identity / Personal relationship / Surveillance

4.         Opportunities for various Psychographics / Tribes?

5.         The inclusion of Star Power?

6.         The inclusion of (or inversion of) a range of diverse Representations?

Proppian Archetypes / Stereotypes / Countertypes

7.         The inversion of traditional narrative structures?

Intertextuality / Subverted / Post Modernism / Parody / Reboot

8.         Examples of modern and identifiable Brand Values?

9.         Examples of Vertical Integration, providing economic benefits to the institutions?

10.       Examples of Synergy with the Music / Games / other Industry?

11.       Examples of Technological Convergence?

12.       Examples of Unique Selling Points?


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