What my section B is about and What I should add to it.

My Section B is focused on music, mainly the Pop/Rock genre. I chose 3 Bands to compare and contrast; These bands being Babymetal, BTS and One Direction, as they all have a fair amount of credibility in the world of music.

Babymetal are a Japanese Kawaii-Rock (A genre of their own creation) band, that have gained a worldwide cult following since their formation in 2010. Their debut single with a major record label, Ijime , Dame, Zettai (Bullying, No good, Absolutely. Occasionally known as no more bullying), was also their first standalone single after splitting from Idol band Sakura Gakuin. In British media, Babymetal are (really) only portrayed online, with major news networks and print media (Apart from genre specific (Rock) magazines (Kerrang) and TV channels (Kerrang again) shining some light on them) barely showing any news or info on them. As the creators of the Kawaii-Rock genre, I have to say that they follow all codes and conventions, as they are the ones who set them. 

BTS (Bangtan Boys) are a Korean boy band that bring in many genres into their primarily K-Pop style. They have become one of the biggest K-Pop bands along with one of the biggest R&B bands in the world. Their debut single (Part of their 2 Kool 4 School album) known as “No More Dream” won them several new artist of the year awards. In British media, BTS are presented as the next big phenomenon. As with Babymetal, BTS have a primarily online fan-base, as they have had no UK shows and are only having American shows for the first time this year. BTS follow many Codes and Conventions of the K-Pop genre, as they are no a Co-ed group, as the majority of K-Pop are either all Male or all Female.

One Direction are perhaps one of the most popular and successful boy bands of the 21st century. Their first song “What makes you Beautiful”, received international acclaim, breaking 800 million views on YouTube. Social media is ultimately what shot One Direction to stardom; even though they finished 3rd on X-Factor. After first appearing on TV, their social media following grew, to hep sky rocket them into fame. They are featured in several TV shows and magazines/papers due to their popularity. They have received a lot more publicity in Britain, due to their “Boy next door” nature and the fact that there are no restrictions at all, and all their personal lives are ‘out there’. One Direction seem to follow the majority of codes and conventions of Pop music, such as having songs about relationships, of which their beats are very dance-orientated.

I should add more information about star power, as having a big name support you/ you support them can do wonders in the world of Music. Take Babymetal for example, they opened for Metallica in Seoul recently, which introduces their style of music to a whole new audience. One Direction on the other hand have enough star power on their own to not have to have a ‘Big’ Name open them/help them out, as their name alone could draw hundreds of thousands of people. BTS on the other hand haven’t had that much of a ‘Big’ support act yet, but as their popularity grows online, they are sure to be able to sell out entire arenas/stadiums very soon.

The Primary Audience is who the product was created to attract, whereas the secondary audience is who else would like the product, even though it was not aimed at that. For example, Babymetal is thought to only appeal to girls, yet many metal heads, and even I, a 17-Year old boy, who is very sporty, has gotten into them. Their music is available online, on CDs and on some radio stations. This way they can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

For my products, I chose Music, with the genres of Pop, K-Pop and Kawaii Rock. I personally find these texts entertaining as it acts as a form of escapism, because music can take you places, and experience things you’ve never experience before. This creates a sense of relaxation and of a chilled out environment. The main reason people listen to these types of music is because they are (mostly) new to the genre and these bands are amongst the most popular for the genre. These songs have a straight-forward narrative as it is virtually impossible to backtrack during songs.

The main theme throughout these bands music is Relationships, although Babymetal have strayed away from this and made more impactful music than they did back in the days of Sakura Gakuin, where the music is mainly J-Pop.  One Direction and BTS stay with this theme throughout their songs, as it has worked out very well for them. The One Direction song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ is one of the best selling songs in the UK, having passed One Million sales in October of last year.

All of these bands are mainstream as they all are owned by labels, of which they do not own.

Babymetal are signed to BMD Fox Records, which is a sub-label of Toy Factory, both of which are Japanese labels. Toy Factory’s main genres of music are: Rock, pop, punk & metal. This gives them an aura of very fast paced music, and because of this, they have become known for these types of music in Japan. The labels used to be owned by VAP, and entertainment company, but have since gone on to become their own, independent company. They are virtually owned by Toy Factory, as their interviews and press releases are all broadcast through Toy Factory, very little personal speech is allowed. This is all so they can maintain their Cute Girl, metal head look.

One Direction are with the label Syco, which is owned by Simon Cowell, their mentor from the X-Factor. Syco has the rights to all of the acts from the X-Factor and Got Talent (Both America and Britain). One Direction are a lot more free in terms of press releases and interviews, as they do not really have such an image to defend, as their private lives are in the public eye for all to see.

2 thoughts on “What my section B is about and What I should add to it.

  1. WWW: A very clear explanation on each band, how they are promoted as well as the use of Code and Conventions.
    EBI: Compare the 3 bands with similarities and differences overall.

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