A Summary of my Case Study- Dolapo

The first film I’ve chosen to talk about is Just Wright. This is a film about basketball whilst still combining elements of a Love story. This helps attract different audiences as it means that people will want to watch the film to see this love story unfold whilst simultaneously attracting a niche audience that may have a particular interest in basketball.love and basketball.jpg  

The second film I’ve chosen is Love and Basketball which is similar to Just Wright. However, the way Love and Basketball differs from Just Wright is that it follows the life of the two main characters from when they were 11 till they became adults. This may attract a whole different audience such as teenagers from 13 upwards as they may take interest in the film characters as they are to their age meaning they watch it for relatability reasons from the Uses and Gratifications Theory by Blummler and Katz.

The third and final film iv chosen to speak about in my case study is The Jungle Book(2016) the live action of the animation. I chose to study this film as it is a very new film which differs from the other two films that ive chosen. This means while I’m able to compare the films I am also able to contrast the films and the ways they’re promoted. The JungleBook being a recent film has a large social media presence and a lot of viral marketing whereby users on social media promote the film. In addition to this, thios film makes use of intertexuality through turning the book into a live action film. This is because people that have read the book which is a completely different media product might immediately take interest in the film.

I’ve decided to use Moana the Disney film. There are various representations within Moana as well going against dominant ideologies of Disney films where the princess always needs to be saved by a male.Typical stereotypes such as the male being a prince are also rejected. for instance, in Moana the main character is an independent female that sets out on a mission for herself. typically, in Disney movies the female is the one in distress. however, in Moana , she sets out to save her island which acts as the princess that needs to be saved in Propps’s Character theory. Islands in this film are represented as mystical places where goddesses amongst other magical creatures are. this is evident in a scene where they restore the heart of the goddess that was stolen and the magical being Te Fiti arises. Moana is a countertype

Moana uses Propp’s character theory however this goes against the traditional characters of prop’s theory. for instance, in Disney movie the helper is also the dispatcher as well as being the villain. This is Maui, he is the helper as he goes on the mission to restore the heart with Moana. However, he is also the dispatcher as he sends Moana on the mission by stealing the heart of Te . the ocean also plays the dispatcher as it specifically chooses Moana to restore the heart. Moana’s grandmother acts as the donor by giving her the heart of Te Fiti (The stone).

Moana also follows the correct order of Todorov’s theory.  this is the theory that all narratives follow a particular pattern which is :

  1. Equilibrium– where everything is in a normal state and there is no problem.
  2. Disruption– this is where the problem arises that disrupts the equilibrium
  3. Recognition– this where the disruption has been acknowledged as a problem
  4. Repair–  this is where steps are taken towards fixing the problem
  5. Restoration– this is where the equilibrium has been restored. This however, is not necessarily a happy ending it may simply be a pause or stop to the struggle temporarily .

Moana follows this structure as initially we see her grandmother telling her a mystical tale about an ancient legend that is now affecting their island in the modern day however, it is in a relatively calm period of time which is the equilibrium. On the other hand, there are elements of restoration in the equilibrium as the scene informs the audience about the problem and what needs to be done in order to restore the equilibrium. Disruption follows as the island is dying and it is causing problems for the people of the island. Recognition occurs when they see this is a problem and the Repair happens when Moana sets out to restore the heart of te fiti by finding the demi-god Maui.







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