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Three TV shows: Empire, Power and Gangland: Turf wars.

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Power is an American crime drama television series on Starz. it is based on the life of ‘ghost’ a wealthy New York club owner who has it all and lives a double life as a drug dealer. Gangland:Turf Wars is a British two part documentary on a rare insight into the lives of Londons most notorious street gangs. Channel 5 has attempted to film Londons top gangs and show the lives of teenagers. Empire is a popular television series on Fox an American television platform. This musical drama is based o the founder of Empire Entertainment and the drama is centred on the members of the family fighting for control over the company.

Media Audiences: The primary audience is the target audience who is mainly people over the age of 18 for Power, Empire is for people over the age of 16 and those who are interested in R&B and Gangland is a documentary aimed towards mainly teenagers and adults to bring awareness of gangs in London. There is no secondary audiences for any of my TV shows because they are aimed at a specific target audience and no one else. The audience interaction in Power, Empire and Gangland is encouraged by social media where individuals can express their views and opinions on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat this relates to the audience demographic of teenagers because young individuals tend to use social media a lot nowadays and seeing Power, Gangland and Empire a lot on their social media can influence young individuals to watch the shows in return will share to their friends, this is an example of two-step flow and free marketing which goes in favour of the institution because they can spend less money on advertising.

Media Representations: In Power ‘ghost’ the main character is represented in my cross media study as a drug dealer who is mysterious and intriguing middle age man, he is a black male who deals with drugs and also lives a double life as a well respected owner of a club. This representation relates to the stereotypes of black individuals who get stereotype of being in a gang and drug dealing. In Empire Lucious Lyon  the owner of Empire Entertainment is represented as a tough man who has a lot of respect because of the company he has built over the last few years. In Gangland the character who are victims of knife crime is represented as vulnerable people where as the gangs is represented as criminal. There are negative stereotypes being portrayed in Gangland one of which are the stereotypes of black males being portrayed as gang members, even though the documentary shows the majority of the gang members being black males, the media stereotypes them in a negative way.

Media Institutions: Gangland is produced through Channel 5. Channel 5 is a British commercial television network. It was launched in 1997, and was the fifth national terrestrial analogue network in the United Kingdom after BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, and Channel 4. Power is produced through Starz which is an American entertainment company that owns U.S. pay television channels, a media distribution company, and animated television and movie production. Empire is produced through Fox which is an American commercial broadcast television network that is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. They have produced other shows such as the Simpsons and the exorcist. Due to Starz only being a US television platform for Power, another way for people to access the series in the UK is through Netflix. Netflix is a platform which is available on phone, tablet, television and online and can be accessed internationally, shows such as Power can be viewed for people who do not have access to Starz in their country and the UK is an example for that.

Media Forms: Gangland: Moral Panic – The media exaggerates the threats posed to society from

Empire: Uses and Gratification – Audiences

Power: Binary Opposition – The contrast between two mutually exclusive things that create conflict and drive a narrative forward

Two step flow




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