Audiences – Hartley

This expands upon Burton’s classification of socially grouped audiences. He identifies 7 subjectives. If any of them apply to your audience, you have identified a more more specific audience and should offer motives appropriate to that audience. The more specific your audience, the more you can target them exactly.

  1. Self: audiences can be grouped by their aspirations, etc. for example, if you target ambitious business people, you can offer a motive such as performance enhancement.
  2. Gender: there are associated motives depending on gender- we traditionally offer different gains to these audiences, or use different methods of targeting them.
  3. Age group: Different age groups, stereotypically have different priorities, need and aims in life. You need to identify the age range you’re targeting as the methods you use depend on the group.
  4. Family: The place in the family e.g. parent or child, will present a different way of targeting the group. E.g. a speeding announcement is better aimed at parents as they have a point of reference with losing a child.
  5. Class: again, different social classes are seen to have different priorities. You need to target a specific group in order to offer appropriate motives, e.g. save money, look sophisticated etc.
  6. Nation: the country a group come from and it’s style. Most western societies (e.g. Britain, America, France) follow common ideals (ideologies), such as work hard to achieve your aims. Cultural Imperialism refers to the influence of American media values on the world, e.g. beautiful = slim and sexy. Other cultures follow different values. You will all be using western values.
  7. Ethnicity: the ethnic grouping of your audience may play a role in your choice of images/actors and messages. If you are targeting society generally, make sure that your production reflects this.

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