NRS Social Grades

The National Readership Survey Social Status Classification:

The social status of an audience group has an impact of the motives you will want to offer. Most of society falls into the (C) D and E categories.
A – Upper middle-class (higher managerial and professional)
B – Middle class (middle managerial and professional)
C1 – Lower middle class (supervisory, junior management and professional)
C2 – Skilled working class (skiller manual worker)
D – Unskilled working class (semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers)
E – Those that depend on the state (pensioners, lower grade workers and the unemployed)

These are often grouped as; ABC1 (Middle class) and C2DE (Working class).

Note that ‘Upper class’ does not feature as this only represents the top 1-2% of society.

Once you have your audience make-up, you need to identify what motives are appropriate for this group. This allows you to look at engaging the audience’s interest and to offer appropriate motives/reasons for them to listen to your message.

The (very useful) site breaks this down much more, with many examples.


Adults ABC1.jpg

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