Disney has finally caught up! first same-sex kiss and openly gay character

gay charactersDisney have finally aired their first same-sex kiss on one of their main channels. Despite Disney’s constant nods of support toward the LGBTQ community in several of their other media products. they have never openly shown a same -sex kiss. Disney have always shown their support of the LGBTQ community, in movies such as Finding dory and Good luck Charlie, where there are lesbian couples.

Despite Disney’s subtle support of the LGBTQ community they had never shown a same-sex kiss in any of their media products. Their first same-sex kiss was shown on the show ‘Star vs. the Forces of Evil’. The showing of this kiss on such a public channel means that the younger generation get to see the different types of people in society. As well as gain the confidence they need to be themselves from a young age. It is easier for Disney’s young audience to accept who they are if they are comfortable with same-sex relationships.

Disney have also created their first openly gay character in their live action movie of Beauty and the Beast. Gaston’s sidekick Lefou is Disney’s first openly gay character to be featured in their movies Having an openly gay character brings a modern twist to the Disney classic that is Beauty and the Beast. This is yet another way that Disney have shown their support to the LGBTQ community.

This iconic moment I history marks the joining of media brands such as Disney and the LGBTQ community in a way that will benefit society. Having this support allows people and children to be liberated of the prejudice of same-sex relationships and be free to be themselves.

Disney is probably the best institution to have on board with the LGBTQ community, they are able to reach a large audience all across the world and on of all ages. Exposing the children to this equality will allow them to grow up open minded and accepting of all people regardless of who they are.

Growing up in the modern world means that we have to be accepting of others, since people have become more confident and open with who they really are. There are different ways in which Disney’s acceptance and encouragement could be taken by their audience. The older generations are more likely to be less open minded about the LGBTQ community because of the way they have been brought up with a certain mind set, therefore they may not want their children to be open minded about the community. Disney is a family friendly media institution so parents expect them to withhold this brand image in their media products. Some people may fined the same-sex kiss offensive, causing them to displeased with Disney as a brand.

Despite those who may not agree with same-sex relationships Disney have gone with their instincts and personal beliefs that same-sex relationships should be encouraged and accepted by people of all ages.

Personally I agree that the younger generations should be exposed to this mind-set, it allows them to grow up open minded and accepting of others. If they are only used to seeing heterosexual relationships that is all they will ever know , which can lead to them having a closed mind-set in the future, when they should be able o accept other for who they are and not judge them because of their sex. Eventually they will become desensitised to the heterosexual relationships because they are shown it too often

Overall Disney have made a bold move, that could have an effect on their audience. Despite this they have chosen to stand up for what they believe is right. And have chosen to help the LGBTQ community by showing equality in their media products. Doing this makes them a more diverse brand, and they are able to bring equality to the world in their creations.

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