Hello guys,

Yesterday USA had an elections, America have voted for Trump. Do you think it’s a good idea to have a business man as a president. However I want to tell you something different. I have found many funny articles and pictures about Donald trump, but this was different. What do you think this picture represents? Many people says that it was a second election for Russia and  Putin will have another country America, so he will control Donald as his puppet doll?

By the way they would be a nice couple 🙂

Image result for PUTIN AND TRUMP KISSINGAkvile Stoskute.


Is print Media-dead Media??

I don’t agree with the fact that print media is dead media. I agree that E-media is improving and people would rather use online magazine to read the news because its cheaper and faster. E-media provides more evidence like videos, pictures, people can write comments and share with other. I agree that it is more fun to interact with each other in social network, whan to read a magazine to your self, and have no one to share you opinion. Nowadays the fragmented audience is expecting faster, wider and better quality of news. Before people did not have social network to communicate with each other. There was no YouTube to get entertained and share their opinions. the magazines were not published so often like we have today. This just shows that the demand of paper magazine have  strongly improved. However not just paper media have improved, but also the broadcasting. This is because before it was about +5 TV channel, so people did not have a wide range of selections. But everything have changed because technology improved and today we get +100 TV channels, so everyone can choose what news they like. Continue reading “Is print Media-dead Media??”

Representations & Steriotypes

The movie I seen recently was ‘Paper Towns’. In previous lesson we disused about the stereotypes media creates about teenagers, so in my opinion this movie shows public the original stereotype of a teenager. Paper Towns shows teenagers as rebellious, careless human beings, who associates their problems with apocalypse. Description, a teenager girl runs away, because she started to get too much pressure from outside world. Her parents and worst her boyfriend left her, so she decides to revenge him together with her neighbour, but later she runs away.  She leaves lots of hints to the neighbour boy abo0db69fc6-841f-4e7f-9e9c-9a9a98e9699e-1020x612ut the place she is hiding, so he picks a couple of friend and follows her hints. On the trip he has lots of fun and falls in love with the girl who run away. The action takes place in America, this shows that teenagers are legal to do more things so they are freer. This shows that people think that teenagers can do what ever they want. But for the most parts media tries to show Continue reading “Representations & Steriotypes”

Codes and Conventions

The movie Dark Shadows is a Drama, Comedy, Romantic Fantasy  and Horror genre. The main character in this movie is Johnny Depp, usually he acts in fantasy genre movies, like this one. The technical code and symbolic codes  were used in this film. For example when Johnny was sad the weather changed and the music was scary and sad. The green sheen was used ofmaxresdefaultten in this movie. this is because there are lots of special effects like ghosts and other magical effects. However the camera was used often aswell. Iconography in this movie was weather, this is because it was dark and this suggests that the genre of this movie is Horror. Additionally old fashion clothes is also important thing in the movie, because they suggest that it is fantasy movie. The movie was set in 1827 in old castle. Todorov theory suits this movie because the narrative follows the structure. there is Equilibrium,disruption, Recognition, Repair, disruption, Repair. Also the main opposition in this movie is Death and Life. Vladimir Propp theory; there are a hero, princess,false hero. The movie entertains and excites audience.

The second movie is Mordecai which is an action, drama, comedy and love genre. Mustage was Continue reading “Codes and Conventions”

Mcluhan’s Theory

“The medium is the message”. This famous phrase was told by McLuhan. He tried to show society that different platforms (eMedia, Print, Broadcast) tells people different news. For example magazines would tell completely different news from radio. McLuhan tried to show us that  we should not only  pay attention to the information media tells us, but also the ways in which each new medium disrupts tradition and reshape social life. Continue reading “Mcluhan’s Theory”



Moving image- films, trailers

 Radio- facts, entertain.

 Print-newspapers, magazines, billboards, leaflets (no books)

eMedia- Video games, video blogging(always changing), social blogging (Facebook+Twitter…)  ,

regular blogging (worlds press).