Why do people watch documentaries?

people watch documentaries for many reasons, most commonly to learn something new or to delve more into a person or area of which they like or want to learn more about. Many documentaries are made for entertainment such as a documentary about a celebrity e.g, the 3 part documentary on George Harrison which looked more into his life and what he done for entertainment for this purpose the documentary was for entertainments but the documentary also looked at his religious and political views which serves more of a learning purpose.


Perhaps the widest genre of films is the superhero/villain genre as it can span completely across all of the other genres and sub genres within films. A film I analysed within the superhero genre was guardians of the galaxy which is a more action genre movie but has several aspects within it which means it crosses across many of the other genres. The film has a deep lying undertone of sadness and tragedy whilst also having a completely different tone of thrill and action. This allows the film to be completely diverse and different to several of the other superhero films which have been released this year. The film mainly follows the story of the main character Star lord but it also encompasses the various different stories of the other characters to create a more wide and deep story which allows the audience to delve more into both the individuals and main story of the film. The main uses and gratifications of a superhero film is that it must both thrill and involve the audience, to do this there needs to be a lot of constant action throughout the film but it must be done in a way which keeps the film real and allows the audience to believe the story so that they can enjoy the film more. In Guardians of the Galaxy the main two gratifications needed for the audience are enjoyment and escapism, a common stereotype of superhero film fans is that they are overweight, middle aged, balding and have a somewhat normal or unimportant role in the world, superhero films allow for these kind of fans to escape from their day to day life and submerse themselves into a different world which they often may feel they are more a part of and therefore guardians of the galaxy does a magnificent job of giving these fans the ability to escape into the whole new world presented within the film allowing them to become someone who although they may wish to be, they do not have a possible chance of becoming. The film also entertains as it has a constant storyline which is on flowing and it shows the bond between a group of different minded and orientated people and how even through all of these differences they can work together to overcome an omnipresent evil which they all despise, for different reasons, which highlights the importance of friendship and the ability to work together to overcome an evil which they all wish to fight, this links together these two uses and gratifications as by bringing the entertainment aspect of the friendship it also helps the escapism aspect as the bonds formed between the five main characters, groot, racoon, star lord, gamora and draxx it helps the audience of the film to become somewhat a part of this elite group as they can feel a part of the film which allows them to both enjoy and escape their perhaps non important lives. The setting of this film also helps with escapism as by being in a world that does not exist they can feel that they are completely removed from their real life troubles, even if only for a short time.











The denotations of this image are a guy in a spurs shirt and the connotations of this image are a club legend who has played his heart out for his team and will give his all to do the best he can for his team and is hardworking and loves football










Can print media be used to tell a story?

Print media can be used to tell a story in many ways. The ways in which it can be used vary significantly depending on both where the media is placed and also the way that it is told. Within newspapers stories are told either with great truth, when in a broadsheet newspaper an event which is rather tragic may be reported to the upmost truth known by the publishing company, this directly contrasts with the way the same event may be told in a tabloid newspaper where it will set the event up in a much more ‘fantasy story’-esque fashion where the event is often sensationalised and exaggerated to appeal to a somewhat less ‘well read’ audience as opposed to the often more smart, intelligent and educated audience of a broadsheet newspaper. Although they are both telling the same event in a story they tell it in very different ways highlighting the use of the english language to change the way we receive the truth as a story. This highlights the importance of print media as it shows how it can often show a story in a more vivid and real way through the use of the language and images shown within the text/advertisement. In many cases print media can tell a story in a better way than the broadcast media, even though it doesn’t have the access to the same visual equipment and range.