Post-modernism for Dummies

Post-modernism is a term which is used in many subjects, in terms of media this signifies as something that stands out to everything else, like a hipster! If you’re sitting in Starbucks, whilst on your Macbook, reading this, Welcome! (Also go home after a while man, the store wants to close) The use of post-modernism can be used to engage an audience to make it more interesting as well as create a sense of nostalgia. An example of this is used in the Netflix original series Stranger Things. Although it is filmed in 2016 it is set in the 1980’s therefore standing out in comparison to other series which were released around the same time as Stranger Things. In addition, the show seems to come across as very realistic as many people who grew up in the 80’s could relate to the series such as the fashion and lifestyle, due to an engagement between the shows’ theme and the audience, this creates a sense of nostalgia for them. Since people use these shows as a form of escapism and relation, this signifies a sense of gratification.

What I will add to my Section B

For my section B, I have chosen three TV series, I have chosen the British Drama, BBC Sherlock, a Netflix original series, Stranger Things and Sci-fi/Comedy, The Big Bang Theory. These three TV series portray some sort of similarities and differences, an example of similarities that they all share is that they are promoted on the eMedia platform such as Facebook. This allows them all to promote their text to a large audience as another similarity they share is the aim at an age range, these shows are aimed at young people between 14 and mid 20’s, a lot of people in that age range tend to use social medias such as Facebook therefore the best method to keep up to date. In addition, all of these three series are available online however only two are available on cable TV, Stranger Things is only available on Netflix at the moment. Continue reading “What I will add to my Section B”