Disney has finally caught up! first same-sex kiss and openly gay character

gay charactersDisney have finally aired their first same-sex kiss on one of their main channels. Despite Disney’s constant nods of support toward the LGBTQ community in several of their other media products. they have never openly shown a same -sex kiss. Disney have always shown their support of the LGBTQ community, in movies such as Finding dory and Good luck Charlie, where there are lesbian couples.

Despite Disney’s subtle support of the LGBTQ community they had never shown a same-sex kiss in any of their media products. Their first same-sex kiss was shown on the show ‘Star vs. the Forces of Evil’. The showing of this kiss on such a public channel means that the younger generation get to see the different types of people in society. As well as gain the confidence they need to be themselves from a young age. It is easier for Disney’s young audience to accept who they are if they are comfortable with same-sex relationships. Continue reading “Disney has finally caught up! first same-sex kiss and openly gay character”

Representation Of Celebrities: Fashion comparison


It is not news to us that ‘The Daily Mail’ is a very opinion based media text, they enforce their personal ideologies and make it seem like a ‘fact’ or a true representation of what happened. Like most of the world I was very much addicted to reading ‘The Daily Mail’, they offered several different topics on one page and it was easy for me to read because of the language they use, but I soon started to realise just how corrupt they actually are.

Whilst looking through todays news on ‘The Daily Mail’ I came across this article about Ariel Winter’s bold fashion choice and it immediately reminded me of something Kendall Jenner had worn back in September:


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posted on The Daily Mail’s Snapchat account 27/11/16
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Posted on The Daily mail website23/09/16













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What do we really know about Celebrities?

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As  Fearson has explained , I believe that we all have two identities, one that is personal and therefore created by us and one that is social, which is the way we are given by people in society.

As a part of the young modern generation, we are exposed to the compulsion of the media and some of the biggest opinion leaders, Celebrities. Living in England has caused me to become entranced by celebrities, we adore them and look to them for inspiration in our everyday lives. Like most people I would claim to know everything about celebrities, it has become  custom to youngsters to know everything about their favourite celebrity. In a competitive state you want to be that person that knows  everything about your idol, and for many years I would research and constantly obsess over my idols. Recently I have been thinking about why that is. This started as me thinking about why we are so obsessive over celebrities, specifically in the UK which lead to this: what if we don’t know who celebrities really are? how can we be sure that celebrities are who we think they are?

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♥Media Magazine: Catfished article ♥

There is an article in the Media Magazine about the TV show Catfished. Catfished is a reality TV show that exposes the reality of the online identities we adopt in social media. This article shows that people watch this TV show for many reasons such as giving the audience a topic to discuss with others, in the article we are also told that audiences discuss reality TV shows more than an other format. I think that the audience is also able to relate to the TV show because social media such as Twitter and Facebook are used by almost everyone all around the world and have become part of our everyday lives but not many people realise the dangers of these social media sites so this show can help to get the message across to others.The article says ” Instead of bombarding us with affluent celebrity types who live in palatial houses surrounded by the materialistic trappings of their good fortune (Real Housewives/Keeping Up with the Kardashians) this show exposes the desperate, lonely, individual seeking solace in adopting the persona of someone who doesn’t really exist in order to validate their own existence.” Continue reading “♥Media Magazine: Catfished article ♥”

♥Connotations and Denotations ♥

The Denotation of red is that it is a colour. The connotations of Red is that it can represent a mixture of feeling and emotions for example in western countries such as the UK red can symbolise danger, love, anger, hate, romance and even Valentines day.  Although we link the colour red with these things it doesn’t mean that other countries do for instance, in China Red is the colour of luck and celebration, it also connotes happiness and is worn at many ceremonies from weddings to funerals.  Continue reading “♥Connotations and Denotations ♥”

♥Media Platforms♥

There are three main categories for media platforms broadcasting, print and eMedia, these three categories are used to present information.

Broadcasting uses things like the TV and radio to distribute information to us as consumers. Broadcasting is then split into even smaller categories depending on what information the consumer would like to know, for example films are split into genres like horror, comedy, thriller and romance allowing the viewer to chose what genre they would like to watch depending on what genre entertains them the most. The radio is used in the same way as the TV, to present information. There are also several types of radio stations depending on what the consumer would like to know, for example there are music, news, weather, sports and even children radio stations. Continue reading “♥Media Platforms♥”