Global Village- what does it mean?

The term “Global Village” in my view is that the world is now so linked by media and transport that we are culturally identical. Essentially, a village represents a settlement that has a close-knit community than compared to a city or a town. This oxymoronic term “Global” then states that this village has now expanded into a worldwide settlement. Therefore, I think it means that we are culturally similar as the term refers to a close-knit community that is now worldwide.


Mise en scène encompasses the most recognizable attributes of a film – the setting and the actors; it includes costumes and make-up, props, and all the other natural and artificial details that characterize the spaces filmed.  The term is borrowed from a French theatrical expression, meaning roughly “put into the scene”.  In other words, mise-en-scène describes the stuff in the frame and the way it is shown and arranged.

Have a look at each of the scenes below.  What has been ‘put in the frame’ in each one, in order to help explain the narrative?

Answers in comments, as always;


AS & A2 Recommended Media Studies Theorists

Every theorist & theory you will ever need!!


  • John Fiske – genre as ‘convenience’ for producers and audiences – this means commercial success is underpinned by the conventions of genre in terms of what audiences expect.
  • Robert Stam – there are infinite genres. Basically here, Stam is advancing an A2 concept that there is an argument that genre no longer exists and we do not have to analyse text in terms of genre.
  • Jane Feuer – genre is abstract and becoming harder to identify.
  • Henry Jenkins – genre break rules and commonly hybridizes.
  • John Hartley – genre is interpreted culturally e.g. Coronation Street or Eastenders could only be understood in terms of the conventions of UK soap operas, American television dramas tend to have a slightly different set of conventions to British television dramas.
  • Daniel Chandler – genre is too restricting and presents audiences and producers with a creative ‘straightjacket’.
  • Steve Neale – genre as repetition and difference
  • David Buckingham – genre in constant process of negotiation and change
  • Rick Altman – genre offers audiences a ‘set of pleasures’

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Useful Quotes by Theorists

These will help to clarify some key Media Studies concepts, you should try to memorise a few, thinking about how you could include at least one of them in each of the Section B essay questions (although they are just as useful for Section A too).


“The systems of power cannot be maintained by force alone. People have to do things, willingly and happily to keep the powerful people on top.” Gramsci Continue reading “Quotes”