Global Village

I think the term ‘global village’ is used to express how connected the world as become with each other. The growth  of the Internet and the World Wide Web has enabled people to connect with others on the other side of the world with a simple click of a button. The ability to connect with others enables us to be a village-like community across the globe, hence the term ‘global village’.

Global Village- what does it mean?

The term “Global Village” in my view is that the world is now so linked by media and transport that we are culturally identical. Essentially, a village represents a settlement that has a close-knit community than compared to a city or a town. This oxymoronic term “Global” then states that this village has now expanded into a worldwide settlement. Therefore, I think it means that we are culturally similar as the term refers to a close-knit community that is now worldwide.

The Gamechangers

The 90 minute docudrama explores different issues regarding violence and adult content seen in video games. It expresses that the effect of 18+ rated video games are relevant today, despite being based on the GTA games released years ago. In this sense, the short film is valuable as it spreads light on the on-going issue of video game content, and allows viewers to be reminded of previous events, such as the Devin Moore case which is mentioned.

However, in my opinion, the Gamechangers was not very engaging and lost its excitement as it progressed. As many have said, Daniel Radcliffe will forever been seen as Harry Potter, not matter how big of a beard he grows.

The UK’s media landscape

Excerpt from: (This can be found through looking at the Issues Online area of the Library Resources on the left of this post.)

The media landscape in the United Kingdom is large, complex and mature, arguably ranking second globally to that of the USA. This status is derived to some extent from the use of English as the primary natural language of production and content. Although none of the major global media conglomerates is based in the UK, a number of media organisations, notably Reuters and the BBC, have international standing in their own right. UK activities also contribute significantly to the operations of global conglomerates, such as NewsCorp, Bertelsmann and Time Warner. Continue reading “The UK’s media landscape”

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel & Relationship Issues

The film deals with sensitive issues such gay relationships, as Graham returns to India to find his lover, whom he had been worried about since his childhood, as he thought that he had brought shame over him and his family. The film explores how different cultures and religions view different sexual preferences. It is well placed in the current cultural context, and audiences can relate to the key issues, as the contemporary media landscape is filled with news stories on gay rights and debates on legalisation of gay marriage. (BBC, 2013) Audiences will also be aware of countries who might disapprove of such unions due to religious beliefs for example the BBC reports on how, ‘British gay Muslims seek Islamic weddings’ (BBC, 2011) and ‘Huge anti-gay-marriage protest march in Paris’ (BBC, 2013) Continue reading “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel & Relationship Issues”

How to structure a written answer for MEST 3 Section B

How to structure a written answer for MEST 3 Section B
(based on A grade example from Representation question June 2009)  Time 1hour.

Note: this is for guidance only, use a method that is best for you.

Q. A dominant representation is one that is repeated overtime and so are the values that it carries. Discuss.


START – Read and reread the question make sure you understand what is required. Make notes on issues, theories, texts and points you will want to make. Try to focus on question – not all theories etc. will apply.

5 – 10  mins

(1) INTRODUCTION – no more than one paragraph (approx.10-15 lines of handwriting)
Introduce your case study (e.g teenage girls) and provide some historical context (e.g ‘throughout history – despite many changes women’s representation has remained the same’) with examples from past texts, issues and relevant events. Use some older texts and cultural history to introduce wider context.
Approx. 10 mins Continue reading “How to structure a written answer for MEST 3 Section B”

Past paper (and mark scheme) archives

Below is a link to AQA’s A Level Media Studies past paper and mark scheme area (Needs a catchier name I know), now before you thank me, I have not done you any special favours or broken any rules, these are available at any time.

It is worth noting however, before you go reading mark schemes to try and gain an ‘advantage’, remember the following:

  1. You don’t know what exam i’m giving you for your mock next week (and are you really going to be able to memorise several documents of information?!)
  2. Even if you manage 1, you won’t be able to do this for the summer exam, so ask yourself ‘Is it really worth it?’
  3. Cheaters never win.